The Raven's Kiss

Entering Eastwick

The adventurers’ first night on the road held some excitement as they were ambushed by a small party of bandits. After dispatching the thugs without much difficulty, a note was found on one of their corpses. Continuing their journey the next morning, the group enters the prosperous town of Eastwick, where, rumor has it, there is coin to be made. As per Hal’s instructions, they make their way to The Lucky Horse, a prosperous inn on the North side of Town. Here they meet Mal and collect their pay. Mal also informs them of a job opportunity. An exceptionally large group of bandit’s has become aggressive in recent months, and at the same time the clergymen of the local chapel have gone missing. Mal suspects the bandits are to blame, and knows of a nearby abandoned keep where they might be headquartered. He offers that if the party is willing to investigate the keep and look for the clergymen, he would be willing to negotiate a reward from the town. Mal also knows of a man named Jin who is has shown interest in the old keep and might be willing to join them. Dour Jin indeed agrees to join them, but his interest in the area remains unknown.



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