The Raven's Kiss

Battle of the Keep

The adventurers, knowing the the bulk of the bandits will be returning soon, formulate a stratagem. They decide to hide in the cells and ambush the returning men. So they wait. When the bandits return, several of them bring up a few new prisoners. As they move to put the prisoners, who turn out to be several young women, into the cells, they are indeed surprised as the adventurers rush out and defeat them. They ask the women and clergymen to await their return, and move to the lower floors to defeat the rest of the returning bandits. The ensuing battle is bloody, the adventurers on the edge of defeat several times, but the bandits are taking heavy losses.

The group sticks to the second floor, using the hallways to try and take away the bandits’ advantage of numbers. Cruentus takes heavy wounds as he is charged by a fierce bandit with a greataxe. Continuing to use their environment to disrupt the tactics of the bandits, the adventurers eventually fell their enemies. In the aftermath they count only eleven bodies, as opposed to the fifteen they saw leave the tower originally. The adventurers rest up and prepare to check the fourth floor of the keep.



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